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Super Soccer Skills Trick Shot Shoes!

September 22, 2019

I can’t wait to play soccer today, it’s going to be so much fun! Dang it. I really wanted to play soccer. Today was gonna be the day I was finally gonna beat you. We can still play soccer! It’s all ready. Let’s play! Let’s do this! Your turn. Watch this Score I won again! I’m going to go play some video games until we start the next round. Do you need some help Eden? Well you’re in luck! Coach Hope is here! Ready to learn! First you have got to kick the ball properly. You must use the inside of your foot. Gently at first. Your turn! Okay. Great! Now you’re going to gradually increase your power like this. Increase my power? I have just the shoes for that! Give me the ball. You thought that with something? Watch this! That was awesome now, let’s see what a professional soccer person can do with those awesome soccer shoes Okay, if you say so My turn That was close. Ow Yeesh There must be something wrong with these shoes. Anyways, you must learn how to dribble the ball between your feet. Like this? That was pretty good, however, you need to increase your speed and control like this. The very last drill to master soccer is to learn how to juggle your ball. Okay. We call it the keepy uppy. Like that? That was pretty good but you have no control. You need to keepy uppy the ball like this. Watch and learn. What? Ow, my buns! Ow, my foot! Hey Noah ready for another round of soccer? Not if you’re wearing those supper soccer shoes. I can’t let you get away with cheating again. Here Noah, you can have mine. I play better without them anyways You did it again Hope! You did it again. Let’s do this Whoah it’s cleaning lady! Whoah what’s this for? It’s Hope’s HeroForce costume! Oh my gosh Trailer 2. Only two more to go after this one. Subscribe to become a SuperHeroKids and comment down below what your favorite sport is! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up! See you next week. Bye!

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