The #1 Tip For Choosing The Right Golf Wedge!

September 22, 2019

okay today we’re talking about the most
misunderstood clubs in your bag which are your wedges and if you want to shoot
lower scores you have to get the right clubs for your game so today we’re
specifically gonna talk about the 60-degree wedge and how to pick the
right one for you let’s go okay so how do you pick the right 60-degree wedge
for your game which is a critical Club around the greens and the bunkers you
know just a great a great shot saving tool so you know if you’re like me which
one do I pick oh I get them all check it out
I’m using the SM sevens so I’ve got a 12 degree a 12 degree D grind I’ve got a 14
degree K grind I’ve got an 8 degree M grind I have a 4 degree L grind and I’ve
got a 10 degree s crying what do I use let’s do it I’ll show you okay picking the right 60 is not about
how good you are like oh I’m a scratch player so I need the four no bounce or
I’m a high handicapper so I need all the bounce and a giant soul that has nothing
to do with it it really has to do with conditions you play on the type of swing
you have your attack angle and what are the different shots that you like to
play do you like to open up the face or you like to keep it square and shut so
all of those factor into choosing the right 60 degree so if you’re a steep
swinging person you might want you probably want the wide sole with a lot
of bounce so you come down steep and it keeps the
leading edge from digging into the ground you don’t want that so think
about there the wide saw a lot of bounds for those steep angles now when you’re
choosing your wedge and your 60-degree wedge your see if you play that out of
the sand this is gonna be a huge decision-making factor for you like you
play out of fluffy sand all the time or do you play out a hardpack sand what is
it this is kind of a grainy mid fluffy so for me I use my 60 out of the bunker
so that my sand shots are very important to me I have to have the right one so I
don’t like a ton of outs because it balances it bounces too much mess hand
wouldn’t this hand gets hard packed it’s hard to play a lot about out of the
bunker but I don’t like no bounce I don’t like that and so I like a mid down
I got just 12 well it’s only you think it’s a lot
about but it’s got this grind not as d grind that just kind of curves away some
of the heel so I can open up the face and I’m not adding loft so you’ve got to
think about what kind of see a chance you play and will kind of sand you play
on him what your shot is again is it steep because then you want that wide
sole and a lot of Bounce is it a shallow swing so you want a little less bounce
maybe a less soul or I like soul when I want it and then
when I open up the face less so that’s me so these shots here in the rough to a
type in if they scare you a little bit or a lot of it I would go with the wide
sole bounce a lot of balance okay that’s what I would do personally if it if you
are a little unsure just made it I’m telling you I might
keep this one so if you’re a little unsure about the shot and you want to
make sure you get through the rough wide so a lot of bounce and square face right
I don’t I didn’t open that now if you like to open it up a little bit I like
to open that face up a little bit personally get a little extra height
even though I just made that last one so I’ll go with the little thinner sole but
I’ll select a grind this is a 12 degree balance de grind takes a little grind
off the back edge so I can open it and I’m not adding more bounce and I can
slide it heel through a little bit easier that’s what I like but that’s if you’d like to open that
face up and that’s what I like to do so you what what do you like to do are you
open the face or keep it square and then the Koran you got to match the grind to
your shot okay so how would you play this shot right here where do you go
where do you go with this there’s two ways I like to play this one is with a
lot of bounce so we’ll go back to that big Sol lot of bounce and I’ll just
chunk it fat and let it roll on the green I get way behind that ball I love
that shot but some of you don’t like to do that I get it so then I might go with
now this is uh naught this is no bounce but you got to clip it you got to clip
it clean it’s a tougher shot it’s a tough shot in
my opinion so for me I like to open the face a little bit okay with some doubts that’s where I go back to this grind for
me because it’s got some balance but I can open that face a little bit and
still play my shot see there’s so many options but it all depends on the type
of shot you like to play and the conditions you play on so if you’re
wondering about wedges and how to get dialed in you’ve come to the right place
cuz we are diving into the wedge game we’re just be talking wedges for a while
totally rhymes and we’re gonna go over just all the different types of shots
you can play with all the different types of clubs it’s gonna be amazing so
stick around this is just a taste of what’s to come with our wedge game and
we look at clubs gonna look at all kinds of different things that we can do to
work on shots and really lower our scores if you want your scores lower
this is the place to be and the short game is where you’re gonna get and shave
the most strokes off your game hope you liked this preview into our wedge series
stay tuned subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already and hit the
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stopping by we’ll see you

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