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The Milan Lucic James Neal trade included a potential game changing provision

August 23, 2019

The Milan Lucic James Neal trade included a potential game changing provision The Flames and Oilers may have become pioneers in the ways of NHL trades on Friday, completing the – with an extraordinary condition on the draft pick included by Edmonton. In addition to sending Lucic to Calgary, the Oilers also retained part of his salary and added a conditional 2020 third round pick to the deal. It took some time, even after the formal announcement, to reveal what those conditions were.  The first, which is very specific but not unheard of, is that Neal must score 21 goals next season. The second is somewhat more convoluted: Neal must also score 10 plus more goals than Lucic next season as well. By all accounts, a conditional pick transfer based on two players performances relative to one another has never before been attempted in the NHL.  Yet, it has immediately turned some heads and has many asking whether this is the future of trading. Will we begin to see other general managers hedging their bets by sending conditional picks based on whether or not the trade works out as expected?  If both teams agree to the deal, wagering on whether one player will outperform the other, then there does not seem to be a problem. It can be added insurance for the team adding the player who would be expected to be better on paper, while being a nice scenario for the other, who either get a draft pick or an unexpectedly strong performance out of their new acquisition. It seems to be a classic , wherein both teams win and we the viewers win by having another storyline to follow throughout the year. The Flames and Oilers may have opened the door to a new line of through when it comes to conditional draft picks. See Full Schedule

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