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The Oldest Football Team – Sheffield FC: A Brief History Of

September 16, 2019

Founded in 1857, Sheffield Football Club are
the world’s oldest football team and the founding fathers of the modern laws. The game is often traced back to English public
schools and to the wild, unruly contests between villages. In fact, Sheffield and Norton contested the
oldest “match” on record, playing each over three days and, while injuries were suffered
on both sides, reports from the time cheerfully recognised that the game finished without
any fatalities. Clearly, some codification was required. Sheffield FC was the root of that change. The club was founded by Nathaniel Creswick
and William Prest, both local cricketers searching for the means to stay fit during the winter
months, and at the club’s first Annual General Meeting, in October of 1857, they presented
the first edition of what would become known as the Sheffield Rules. Contained within that original draft were
many staples of the contemporary game, including free-kicks, throw-ins, and the contemporary
version of the kick-off. Originally, games were played internally between
the club’s members, pitting players with surnames beginning with letters from the first
half of the alphabet against with those from the second, but in December 1858 the club
played their first external game, against a side from a local army regiment. A year later, Sheffield would play the world’s
first inter club game, beating the newly formed Hallam FC 2-0. By the time The Football Association was formed
in 1863, Sheffield had devised and produced several revisions of its rule book. It sent four representatives to that inaugural
meeting and, by December of that year, had become an FA member itself. The compromise between the Sheffield Rules
and the FA’s own regulations, from where the offside rule originates, would become the
foundation of Association Football as it exists today. For the next decade, two opposing football
cultures existed in England: London and Sheffield. While the latter’s influence started to
decline by the early 1880s, placed under duress by financial difficulties and the growing
appetite for professionalism, and law making primacy would eventually be held by the International
Football Association Board – where it remains to this day – the bulk of those formative
laws were shaped in Sheffield by Creswick and Prest. In 2007, the club celebrated its 150th anniversary
with friendlies against Inter Milan and Ajax at Brammall Lane, with Sir Bobby Robson and
Sir Bobby Charlton attending a commemorative dinner and Brazilian icon Pele opening a special
exhibition, containing an original, handwritten copy of the Sheffield Rules. The present day finds the team in the Northern
Premier League, the fifteenth tier of the game, and playing their home games in Dronfield,
six miles outside of Sheffield. Nevertheless, the club retains a determination
to serve its original purpose and remains fiercely proud of its amateur status. As well as competing in domestic league and
cup fixtures, it also maintains a range of local fitness, educational and social initiatives,
both in the Sheffield community and outside, and surrounding community and regularly plays
exhibition games under the original Rules. (Matt) The club has been attempting a return to its
original home, at Olive Grove, for some time. Originally, it had been hoped that England’s
bid for the 2018 World Cup would free funding and grants which would enable the construction
of a new 10,000 capacity ground. Unfortunately, FIFA awarded the tournament
to Russia. However, In 2015 the club, under current chairman
Richard Tims, began a crowdfunding initiative to secure the move. Having been granted a free land lease by Sheffield
council, the ambition now is to build a new ground and to develop a new history centre
and museum which properly represents the past, is a fitting home for the game’s heritage,
and which would also place the club within reach of far superior transport links and
close to Sheffield city centre.


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    Whilst this recognises the oldest Association Football club in the world, the Rugby code of Football (i.e. Rugby) is older in that the two sports split around the time of the rule codification in 1863. Clubs around England and Ireland either stayed playing the Rugby rules or the Association/Sheffield Rules. The oldest continuing "Rugby" Football club is Trinity College Dublin which was fist recorded having a game in 1854 and is still known as Dublin University Football Club.

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