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The Try Guys Try Ballet

August 23, 2019

(piano music) – That one was the best we’ve done. Ballet baby! – We’re here at the Los Angeles ballet to finally do what you’ve been asking for for years. – There’s a reason we have not done it. This is impossible. – My sister is a ballerina. She did dance ever since
she was four years old and so I’ve picked her up from practices so I kinda get the lingo. – I went to a school of theater and dance. I’m the only TryGuy with a dance diploma. College educated motherfucker! I did not take a dance class – I have a stupid Benjamin
Button old man baby body. I am the most brittle inflexible man that has ever lived. – I’m not ballet trained at all. I’m actually only pretty great in the hip hop realm, so I’m going into this as fresh as the other guys. – We’re going to be graceful,
we’re going to be poised and we’re going to fall on our butts. (laughter) – It is your fault. You wanted this. You requested this video. When I’m in pain it is your fault, Leslie. (TryGuy theme music) – So my name is Bianca Bulle. I’m a principal dancer with
the Los Angeles Ballet. – That means you’re one of the best ones? – I’m actually the only principal dancer. – So that means you’re the best! – So you’re the best one! – [Bianca] You guys are going
to learn a few ballet routines and then finally you’ll get
to perform them onstage. – So we’re going to be training
with seasoned professionals. – Young ones.(laughs) We have first position. Our heels are touching and
knees are squeezed together. Your bottom is also squeezed. You’re lifting up and
your toes are turned out as far as they possibly can
be without being behind you. – [Ned] Owww! – [Bianca] Good! Second position you turn until your arm reaches to the side. Your a foots distance away– – [Zach] What? – That’s right. Third position is half– – Yahhhh! (laughs) Let’s run it from the top! – How could you do that Keith? – I don’t know how I
could do it I just can. – Wow! That’s impressive! – Thank you, I’m the best! – How long have you both been dancing? Seven years? – Were you born into ballet? – I thought you guys were seven. – That’s 70% of your
life has been plieing. – [Bianca] We usually start
young just because it is such an intricate thing to learn
and to form your joints. – I’m sorry, what? – Side. Tu fe. Side– As you’re growing you want
your joints to be open and your feet to be flexible because– – So you’re like beautiful dance mutants. – I was gonna say mutants! – I’m not allowed to sit down? I just got yelled at by a
ten-year old for sitting. You’re not allowed to sit in
ballet because it not proper. I hate everything about this. They’re lovely children. – It’s the cool part. – It’s the cool part. – This part’s pretty cool too. I don’t know about this part. Actually those two are doing really well. It’s just those two. – Did a little warm-up with barre so we’re ready for center
and we’re going to do a couple of exercises across the floor. So you step out and you pique and start again. Pique. And start again. Pique. And start again. – [Ned] How do you not get super dizzy? – You use your spot. So we spot our head. – [Ned] Okay, I didn’t do that. – [Eugene] Oww! (laughter) – Is it a good idea at age
30 as a male to start trying to open your joints? – (laughs) No. – Great let’s do it. – Wait that’s just the warmup. – That’s just the warmup – Bianca!! – Ahhh! – Ahhh! – Quick question. Do you sleep in a giant music box? – I do not. – You’re wearing pointe shoes now. – Oh my god! – What! – What! – So you crunch up your
toes and you’re like you’re on like your toe knuckles? – No, you’re actually dead on the tiptoes. – How do your toenails not fall off? – They do. (choking) – Do professionals get hurt? – Yeah professionals get hurt all the time. – Ah! I gotta toe cramp. Gyaaa! – [Keith] Ned what are you doing? – [Bianca] It’s hurting
underneath it all but we’re trying to make it all
look beautiful on top. – How much fried chicken do
you say you eat in a week? (laughter) – I hate fried chicken. (needle screeching on album) Sorry! – Can you demonstrate a few classic pointe moves for us? – So this is a sus-sous. And then we can go to passe. (oohhhh!) And we can do a little arabesque. (wowwww!!) And a soutenu. – Why is everything in French? – History. – It’s effortlessly graceful. – Well you guys can try if you’d like. (ballet music) – Yeah I can’t get in. – [Ned] Get in there baby! – [Keith] Ned you got it in! – I got it in! – You have a tiny foot. – I have dancer feet. – I don’t want to do this. – I know I don’t think we can. – I don’t think I can either. – Oh boy! – Now try and straighten your knee. – What are you talking about? – I know but that’s why I’m whispering. I don’t want to do this. – (oohhhhhh!!) (yeahhhh!!) – I’m gonna hurt myself. Are we gonna hurt ourselves? – I hope not. – Ohhh God!! – I do feel like my ankle’s about to snap. – Ahhuhh!! – Oh that’s so painful! – Owww! – Owwww!! – No!! – Aww, calf cramp. Calf cramp. Stretch it out. Stretch it out. – Well this was just awful. Thank you for sharing. – Let’s get to the routine, yeah? – So now we’re gonna
do a condensed version of Waltz of the Flowers. Great so we’re on our knee. There’s four waltz… Pom pom pom, pom pom pom. My day begins with
rehearsals for the ballets that we’re performing. So that might be two or three or just the one if it’s
a full-length piece. – This sorta feels like we’re
doing a limp Jesus right now. – You’re just gonna be still for that. We rehearse that until
four-thirty in the afternoon and we go home and
recover, and ice, and eat and do it again the next day. Tan leu. Sus-sous. Turn around. – Wait ice? – Ice our bodies. We get lots of injuries or– – What’s your ice budget? – (laughs) Like a lot? – Three, four, pique. – (sneeze) (laughs) I told you. I told you it’s coming. – Five. Six. Seven. Eight. – [Ned] Is it fair to say that if you keep a good face
and move the hands, people won’t pay attention to the feet? – Could be. – We are actually really trying. It just looks like we’re
parodying the moves. Because we suck! (dramatic music) – That was it! – Weep woop! – Exactly. – Weep waap! – Oohhhh, I only did hip-hop dancing. I’m not gonna be good at this. (laughter) – [Ned] This is exhausting me fully. I’m done. I’m wrecked already. – How about to make you
feel how a ballerina feels in our rehearsals we put on some tutus for you? So you feel like it’s the real deal. (harp music) – Woww! – Woww! – Woww! – Yeahhhhhh!! – Does this mean we’re in
the Los Angeles Ballet? Thank you so much for getting us in. That’s incredible. – Congratulations. – This will mask all of my bad feet moves. – I totally understand
the appeal of tutus now, because all I wanna do
is try the routine again, with this, moving. Yeah, with the tutus. – Put it all together. – [Bianca] (mumbles) (Waltz of the Flowers) Soutenu. (mumbles) (mumbles) sus-sous. (mumbles) (mumbles) Nice and soft. – It’s like you do all these
complicated moves and then you also have to look graceful. (music swells) – [Bianca] (mumbles) – It’s about like which
leg is doing what and then you’re trying to keep
your arms and your torso from looking dumb. It’s very little and yet it’s so much. Yeahh!! (music ends) – My glasses totally snapped and broke. I balleted too hard and my glasses broke. – We’re gonna learn the Russian Dance, which is a male dance full of tricks, fun, exciting things. Big jumps. – Whooo! He almost kicked me in the balls. – And lots of turns, flying across the floor. – [Zach] Stuff that’s gonna be too hard. – It’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna be very different
from the Waltz of the Flowers. It’s much sharper in the movement. You don’t have to be flowing soft, it’s almost better to
look like you’re really putting your effort into it. You’re gonna touch your
toes both in the air so you go, jump and (mumbles). It’s a personal journey and
you’re constantly trying to be perfect. – Like Black Swan. – Noooo, no it’s not. – Am I not going to become
a beautiful bird-person at the end of this? – Is that what happens
at the end of Black Swan? – Yeah she becomes a, did you not see the movie? – Something much darker happens
at the end of Black Swan– – It’s a crazy movie, bro. – It’s crazy. (Russian Dance) – Jump. And one, two, three, four, jump. Try and get those legs straight. – This is easily the hardest
dance we’ve ever done. I’m the most tired I’ve ever been. I thought I was in shape but, I’m not. – [Eugene] Five. Six. This is a, a pure
exhaustion of every joint. – This is hard work. – I think, this might be the first time in a TryGuys video where people say, “That really sucked!” – Aww Eugene hit me in the nuts! – Bianca what is your final
words of advice for us? – Just give it your all. You gave it a really good go. – All right guys let’s head to the stage. Elegant-wipe. (wewwwwwww!) So elegant! – That was really, not elegant– – You wiped that right? – So here we are, a couple
weeks after our rehearsal with Bianca and the LA Ballet. I can guarantee that there’s
no way we can fake this. You are gonna see every single fault. Ned basically has very little rhythm. – Hopefully everyone’s
just basically distracted by me roguish good looks
and fierce contour. – Zach has physical disorders that prevent him from moving properly. – I feel like I’m going
to disgrace the art form. – And Keith is a gangly giant klutz. – I think the Russian Dance is too hard. But you know our current
relationship with Russia isn’t that great, so I think that’s okay. I really don’t wanna
pay respects to Russia. I’d rather not do it right. – Alright comrades we go
back and do NutCracker, yes? – Oh yes. – Oh yes. – Cracks nuts on three. One! Two! Three! – Crack some nuts! (Russian Dance) – Almost! (laughter) – That was really, really hard. – Yeah, the men’s dance is so athletic! Its like we had to jump so much. – Could we put on those tutus? – [Makeup Person} How do you Feel? – I hate eye stuff. – You look like a 50’s
librarian housewife. – [Zach] You look like such a bitch. Grumpy!! Yeah looks like a bitch! – [Eugene] Look like
such a bitch in makeup. – Yeah! – I look like the evil
popular girl at the (mumbles). – Yeah! We hate you! – I’m deaf in one ear. – She’s also deaf in one ear. – Ohhh my God! You are sooo pretty! – Huh! – They talk about the
discipline of ballet. They never talk about, the fun. – Fuckin have fun! (yeah! Fun!) (Waltz of the Flowers) – Yeah!! – Yeah! – Yeah! – Wooh! Woohoohoo! (mumbles!) – I consider myself someone
who can dance but ballet is on a whole nother stratosphere. Send much respect to all
the ballerinas out there. Cuz you all are much tougher
than any other expert that we’ve ever come across. – You have to grow up with
your legs facing this way. You have to be a spider-human, and then be graceful
with your spider body. – The first thing I want
to do is call my sister right now because I
kind of understand what she had to go through. – My legs hurt. I tried to go upstairs
earlier and I screamed. – [Keith] Ballerinas are superhuman. They make it look so graceful. And they are masking, pain. If you ever run into a ballerina
just start bowing to them. – [Eugene} I’m actually really
proud of the other TryGuys because, as bad of
dancers as they can be– – [Keith] They gave it their all. – Even though no one can do ballet unless you’re a professional, you can at least gain
an appreciation for it. – We’ll see you next time! Thanks for watching! We tried and got hurt a lot instead. Thanks a lot everybody! Thanks for suggesting this (mumbles). It was too hard! Fuck you! (laughter) – Welcome Carly, I’m Madison. It’s a pleasure to have you here. This is Amber. – Hi Amber. – I’m deaf in one ear. – Oh I’m sorry to hear that. (laugh track) – Yeah. And I’m– (audience woohs!) – Oh this is Sasha. – Okay factory dildo rejects. Let’s get into position. – What a bitch! (laugh track) – I have better people to be around. – What a bitch! – She’s my best friend. – No I’m not. – Carly, are we gonna be best friends? – I hope so. – Let’s start the music before I die. – Go! – No I can’t hear the music – That’s for me! I can’t hear the music. (laugh track) – Yeah!!


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