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The Ultimate at Home Hockey Training set-up

August 26, 2019

– Hey guys, Jeremy here
from How To Hockey. In this video, I’m going
to show you how to build the ultimate training spot
with not too much space. You don’t need the whole
garage or the entire basement to set up this training spot, just about 10 feet by
eight feet is all you need to set up a really good
spot to train at home. Now I’m going to do it in
three different stages. So the first one is the basic. It’s not going to cost you too much, but it’s a really smart
way to set up some tiles to train in a really engaging way. The second one is the deluxe edition so I’m adding a few different toys and it’s going to give you
more things you can do. And the third way is the premium package, it’s got all the bells and whistles and it’s just a great spot to train. I’ve been using this way
to train for quite awhile and I really think it’s
the best way to do it if you have a small area. Before we get started
I should probably talk about the HockeyShot tiles, this is what inspired me to do the video. They wanted me to do a full review because these are new tiles. So the old ones had a
different way of attaching, these ones have this puzzle-piece system, makes it really easy to build your area and then add accessories to them. And I actually helped
them develop a few of the accessories that
they’re gonna be using so I was really excited
to share that with you. So, really simple, these
tiles you can build an awesome training spot, that’s what we’re going
to do in this video. Let’s go. This is the spot we’re going
to set up the training areas, so it’s not too big of a space
and I’m only using 16 tiles. I have this foam down because
I was already using it just to work out because
of the wood floors. It’s not 100% necessary,
if you’d like it I’ll put a link in the video
description, you can grab it on Amazon, that’s where I got it. So let’s get these tiles down. (upbeat music) This is not how to set up the tiles, I just laid it out this way because it’s how most people would do it. They make a perfect square with 16 tiles, but you’re not getting
the most out of that area. So let me rearrange it, and I’ll show you how to
install these as well. (upbeat music) The tiles are really easy to install. You might be wondering how
they stay locked together. Well, they have a smart design, I’ll just give you a close-up
look to show you how it works. Here’s a close-up of
the puzzle-piece design. You can see they have
these little teeth on them, and then this little piece that gives. When you push them down
they snap into place, and these little teeth
help them stay locked down. After the tiles are set up,
walk across all the seams to make sure it’s nice and flush and then you can start stick handling. With this design, it surrounds the body so you can really do more
game-like stick handling. I just switched the image here so it looks like I’m left-handed, that’s how you’re gonna set
up if you’re left-handed. Now I like to do a lot of
movement with my stick handling. With this area you can move back and forth without sliding the tiles or slipping and get that game-like situation. So there was crossovers,
now I’m doing skater lunges and I have that extra length so I can do those nice wide movements and really make full use of this surface. So, there we go, we got
the 16 tiles set up, it’s nice and slick, it’s not chewing up the
bottom of my hockey stick, and the old setup was
four tiles by four tiles, which equals six feet by six feet, each tile is 18 inches,
so a foot and a half. But with this new setup, we’ve taken those four
tiles we used to stand on, moved them over to the side, so now I still have that six feet of depth but I’ve got nine feet of length and that really allows
me to do wide moves, left and right, do some crossovers, add some movement into this, and this is why it makes
it the ultimate setup because it gets boring just stick handling while you’re standing still. With this setup, adding that extra length without any extra cost to you guys, you can do some really nice moves. And, I really like how it surrounds me so you can see how it
can do stick handling, I can pull the puck back,
I can toe drag it back, I can start with the puck to my side, bring it forwards, toe drag it across or backhand toe drag it across, all kinds of really cool
stuff that you can do with this simple, simple setup. But, we can take it to the next level. Let’s do it. If you really want to
take your off-ice training to the next level you
have to add that movement. So at the basic level, we
do it with the crossovers, we do it with the skater lunges, I really recommend those, whether you have this next
piece of equipment or not, but, to really take it to the next level, you need the HockeyShot Slide Board. This thing has little
rubber bumpers right there, your feet will hit these, you push off. It’s got this heavy-duty rubber base which really anchors it to the floor so it’s not slipping and sliding as you’re pushing off of this side and, this spot right here is really slick so you put these little
booties on your shoes and then you can slide back and forth while you’re stick handling, or, if you have big enough space, you can push off and do some shots. So let’s get this setup,
I’ll show you how it works. So of course we’re going
to add the slide board right where this spot is,
where there aren’t any tiles. So lay her across like
this and you’re good to go. Now this one is adjustable, so it’s got this little piece at the end, you can make it shorter,
you can make it longer depending on how much you wanna slide. One more thing I’d recommend if you’re getting the slide
board is six more tiles to put right along the top. If you’re using the slide board
you’re going to be reaching a little more out, and for
the tall guys like myself you want that extra foot-and-a-half space just in case you lose
the puck, and you will. (upbeat rock music) So we’re working on stick handling, we got that slick surface, we got those tiles that surround the body, the wide reach, then
we’re working on skating, we got the movement, we got the balance. But what about passing,
what about passing? I gotcha covered. We got the the Extreme
Passer Pro from HockeyShot. Not just one, but two. Remember this is the deluxe edition, so two Extreme Passers, they
clamp right onto the tile, it’s got this little
gizmo right down there, loosen up, tighten it and
it’s gonna stay clamped on those tiles, but I got one
more thing I’m gonna share right at the end of the video. Let’s get these installed though. (upbeat rock music) How is that for a training area? I’d say it’s going to be
pretty hard to top that, unless you have more space, then I’d recommend putting
a shooting tarp up, and then you can do all
kinds of advanced shooting. So you’re moving, you’re
getting that shot, you’re catching a pass,
you’re getting a shot off while you’re sliding. You can do one-timers, using
the backhand, forehand, all kinds of more advanced shooting versus just standing still. Now I’m working with HockeyShot to make this as easy possible so they’ve set up a page
where you can pick basic, premium or deluxe and order
what I have laid out here. But keep in mind, you
can customize as well. If you want just the 16
tiles and one passer, go ahead, play around
on HockeyShot’s site. If you’re on a budget,
the nice thing about this is you can start with just the tiles and then you can add to your training area as time goes on. So if you’re gonna go that route, I’d start with the tiles,
then I’d get one passer, then probably the slide board, then the second passer and then those puck containment pieces. This is a product that I
helped HockeyShot develop, it clips into the tiles,
goes around the outside and keeps the puck from
leaving the training surface. When you lose the puck,
you can pick it up easily and keep on training,
and you can also use it to slide off of and push off of. If you’re on a really tight budget, you can probably go without
the puck containment pieces. If you’re a parent and
you’re buying this for kids I’d probably recommend
getting the puck stoppers with the tiles just because me, I lose the puck the odd
time, it’s not that bad, but if a kid is training
a lot and they keep on losing the puck over and over and over, it really interrupts
that training session, so, for a kid that loses the puck a lot or is going to be training a lot, I’d get the puck stoppers with the tiles and then add to the area. Especially if you want
to build a big area, then the kids can play
knee hockey, mini-sticks, all that stuff and it’s gonna
keep the ball contained, be a little bit more fun. They’re gonna spend more
time playing and training, and less time chasing the puck all around. I’ve been working with
HockeyShot a little bit to make this really easy so I got them to make a
page on their website. So I have the link down there
in the video description, just click there if you
want to buy the basic, the premium or the deluxe version. It should just be a dropdown menu, you click on it and it’s all right there, make that super simple for ya. If you want to customize, go ahead, start with the tiles and then add on the little bits and
pieces that you’d like. So if you order this setup let me know. Tag me on Twitter or
Instagram at @HowToHockey and you can use #HowToHockey as well. I want to see you guys training, and I want to hear what
you think of this setup. Personally, I love it, I
think you’re going to as well. Thanks a lot for watching this video, we’ll see ya in the next one.


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