Top 4 NBA Transition Scoring Moves: World’s Best Basketball Moves

September 10, 2019

Hey Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics
Basketball and today I’m going to teach you my top 4 NBA transition moves. Alright so
with all transition moves what we are trying to do is freeze the defender or get to the
basket right, so the moves we are going to teach you today aren’t super fancy instead
they are going to be moves that will be really really effective. The first one I really love
is the hesitation so in transition as you have your speed coming down hill. The whole
key is that you want to start by keeping your defender back peddling right and so the key
is I want to keep my speed up moving downhill towards the defender. You can think about
it like a running back in football the faster you move downhill the harder it will be to
tackle right so keep your speed moving downhill and with the hesitation the idea just we are
freezing our speed for a second you can chop your feet the key here is raising your shoulder.
If I’m attacking downhill I want to sell the hesitation by raising m shoulders up if I
raise my shoulders up its probably going to make him think that I’m going to shoot especially
if I’m a good shooter so what that allows me to do is raise boom and then explode by
your defender the whole key to the hesitation here it to keep your back leg loaded if I
come to my hesitation and I lock my legs out when I raise my shoulders this doesn’t make
me very explosive I have to get low. So instead when I hesitate and raise I’m going to keep
my back leg loaded and ready to spring back here that way as soon as I’m ready boom I’m
already loaded and ready to explode my hips by his, again once you do that just get in
the paint and finish or pull up for a jumper or whatever it is that the defense gives you.
The next transition move that I love is the in and out dribble there is two variations
of this move and it’s really up to you which one you would like to use. Again it all starts
the same moving downhill towards the defense. The idea is that we are trying to shift him
out of the way. So we can keep attacking with the same hand. With the in and out I like
to pretend like there is a center line in my body right here and I’m breaking that center
line of my body with the ball. So the first variation of the in and out that I like is
when you are coming your going to plant. and then roll the ball over the top right, its
a natural reaction for the defender to move so then all I have to do is explode my hips
past his towards the open gap right, super easy again hand on top of the ball. If I pick
it underneath they will call me for a carry. So I want to keep a bounce hand on top then
I can explode by so thats variation number 1 probably my favorite. Variation number 2
is adding a bounce into it so instead of rolling over the top you can pop pop adding two bounces
to it right, this is a bit better if you are moving a little bit slower and don’t have
enough time to control, but it’s essentially the exact same thing I’m pop he shifts pop
back around right one of my favorite things about the bounce though is that I can do this
come back hit pull backs I have a bunch of different options off of this move. Again
key here just make sure that whatever way you are going your breaking the center line
of your body getting them to shift and open up that lane. Alright so the push cross is
a great one that lots of fast guards use guys like John Wall, Russell Westbrook and it’s
the idea that you are crossing the ball over but keeping your speed up the entire time.
So instead of like a really low crossover like the Allen Iverson crossover where you
get really low with your ball down by the ankles the push crossover instead we are pointing
our shoulder one direction planting and on a high dribble pushing the ball the opposite
direction. Now this one can be a little bit dangerous simply because if you have a defender
really close because if he has his hand out playing D and I push across its really easy
for him to get to it. The key to the push crossover is to execute the move a little
earlier. I’m going to pull it right here and you have to be able to read it a little bit
early now if I go here boom I can push out and he can’t get to it. Again the key here
is keeping your hand on top of the ball. Instead hand on top of the ball push forward and out
then attack the hoop this way we keep our speed up going down hill the entire time.
Alright so next we have the stab crossover super simple so it all starts when you come
up and your going to give a little bait crossover in front just right switching hands so this
isn’t to beat him necessarily this is just the set up so your going to crossover then
you are going to stab with your opposite foot right generally if I stab they are going to
move in that direction to slide so you notice as the d is playing me as I cross then stab,
BOOM, he goes that way and opens a little lane giving me a straight line towards the
hoops right. Again what I love about this one is it keeps my speed up and I continue
moving forward. All I have to do is cross stab moving laterally. Generally all it takes
is a little shift boom and then I’m going by with this one you can get a little bit
shifty by raising your shoulders bring your eyes up whatever it is so I can come in and,
boom, add a hesitation. So again just a little drop crossover your not kind of pushing him
or your not really selling it all that hard your just boom stabbing in the opposite direction
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