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Touring every hockey stadium with the Companion Pass | Southwest Airlines

August 28, 2019

Joanna: Well, we started dating just over five
years ago and we just realized that we both loved hockey. We were huge hockey fans.
We went to a hockey game as one of our first dates, and then it just kind of
like snowballed from there. We hit a few in on the first year and then
we’re like “oh, we could make this a thing.” And then we just kept rolling with it. Julie: Yeah it wasn’t like our original goal. But once we checked off a few games, we
realized we can actually accomplish this. Joanna: Yeah, I remember sitting on a
Southwest flight opening up that map where it shows like all the destinations
and I was like “oh, there’s a hockey team there’s a hockey team there, there’s a hockey team there.” We could totally knock these off. Julie: Especially with the companion pass it made it
possible we knew we get hit so many cities. Joanna: I thought to myself you know if
the stars align. If I can make these last three arenas work in this
time frame, I should just propose. Julie: When she got to one knee, everything else felt
like it went away. The 18,000 plus people who were there like
felt silent. Yeah, I had no clue. She did a great job and it’s scary how good
she lied. [laughs] [Organ music] Joanna: Being on this five year trip, it really gave us an opportunity to go to visit cities that we maybe never would have thought to just you know go and visit. Julie: We got to see a lot of the country. Southwest flies to so many destinations it just it worked out perfectly. You see hockey, we see the country.


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