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TUTORIEL TOP SPIN FOOTBALL | Le meilleur coup-franc en match!

September 14, 2019

Hi everyone, i’m Matthias from The Shootix Today: new tutorial! You were a lot to want an other after the one i made about the knuckleball You can check the link on the description to see it! Today it’s about the top spin, let’s go! WHAT IS THE TOP SPIN? Simple! It is the most used free kick technique by pro footballers It allows to pass the opposing wall easily and to fall quickly after It’s really interesting for them. So i will show you how to do Let’s go! So there are 2 categories of top spin The first one looks like a knuckleball because it is to make a dip The dip is when the ball goes very high by floating and which falls quickly This is an exemple of a dip top spin You would have understood it, to succeed this technique you have to know how to knuckleball So the best thing to do is to watch my knuckleball tutorial, don’t you think? lol :p The 2nd type of top spin is… It is just called “classical top spin” used by the pro footballers You just have to rub the ball from bottom to top to pass the opposing wall easily This is an exemple of a classical top spin We move on to more technical details We start by the run-up THE RUN UP You take 4-5 steps behind the ball And you shift on the left by 2 steps Or on the right if you’re left-footed It looks like the same knuckleball run up But for the classical top spin i recommend to shift by 4 steps on your side! As if you were going to curve but it’s not the case, it’ll just be easier to suceed the top spin! THE CONTACT The area of ​​the foot concerned is the upper and inner part of your foot As for knuckleball This will allow you to have a fairly clean contact with the ball to succeed your top spin When you shoot the top spin your foot has to be well stretched To have a clean striking surface and to avoid curves This well stretched position is find out mostly in the dip top spin But is interesting for the classical top spin too because you can rub the ball properly You have to shoot the ball at its center You can shoot a little bit higher to be sure to succeed your top spin Or a little bit lower in order to make a greater trajectory The principle of the top spin is to rub the ball from bottom to top To create this spin effect For the ball to drop quickly For the classical top spin you have to put your foot open in opposition And make this movement For the dip top spin you have to shoot the ball like a knuckleball (because the dip is a knuckleball technique) to create a floating effect which falls quickly after THE FOLLOW THROUGH For this shooting technique the follow through is very important! Especially for the dip top spin because it is a knuckleball technique Your follow through has to be very short! For the classical top spin You have to get off your foot after the ball contact I warn you, there are some mistakes you will surely make by training at the beginning! Mistake n°1 : Make a curve effect If you hit the ball too from left to right Or from right to left if you’re left-footed Mistake n°2 : Hit the ball too low The ball will not create the top spin effect. The ball would fly away Mistake n°3 : Hit the ball too high The ball would not take off from the ground Mistake n°4 : Not have a short follow through Especially for the dip top spin Because the knuckleball is a very precise and hard technique Well, i’ll show you how it looks for real Let’s go! No it’s not that x) This is how we do a top spin This is how This is really how :p Classical top spin Now i’ll present you our best top spin free kicks! Let’s go 🙂 That’s all for me! It was a pleasure to make this video If you want an other tutorial, let me know it in the comments! If you liked the video, press the button, i can no longer enunciate x) And then see you soon on my channel The Shootix … See you soon :p


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    T'as géré pour la trad 🙂 !

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    The shootix tes vidéo sont cools et pourrais tu faire un peu plus de tutoriels s'il te plaît

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    Fait plus de tuto stp

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    Vous êtes de Clermont ferand ??

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    nice tutorial!

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    Il sont bien t videos 👍

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    Jadore tes video et allez sainte

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    ALLER L ASSE ❤❤😂

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    tu pourrais faire des tutos pour gardien ? sinon ta chaine est superbe ☺

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    Ut motherfucker

  • Reply Ur motherfucker Looser January 23, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    Ut motherfucker

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