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TWERK on your balance! // On-Ice Hockey Training

August 26, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Derek from Total Hockey. We’re
here on the ice with Jeff. We’re gonna show you some drills to improve your balance. (Pallardy moving in, shoots, scores!) (Lovecchio with his second of the game.) We’re here today twerk on our on-ice balance,
doing three… Time out! Did you just say twerk? I said “to work.” (laughing) Alright, let’s get a poll right here. Did
he say Twerk? Keep going, sorry. (slo-mo) “We’re here today twerk on our on-ice
balance.” First drill we’re doing, Single Leg Hops. Over the blue line. Starting with your inside
skate, going all the way over, all the way back, all the way over, all the way back.
Cross over start. Alright, coming back to the blue line, we’re gonna do the other leg.
Alright, he’s gonna do his right skate. The skate that’s closest to the line. Over, back,
over, back, cross over start. Woo! It’s a tough drill, he did it well. Our next drill, another single leg drill,
is very good for defensemen. It’s a single leg forward to backward transition. It’s extremely
difficult, alright. Start from there. Yeah, start from there. It’s extremely difficult for guys who aren’t
defensemen who haven’t had training with it, so you might need to get used to it. Here we go. He’s starting out, he’s gonna transition,
hold that edge, and explode forward. Hold the edge around the cone, alright, nice and
low. Pretty good for a guy that doesn’t play ‘D.’ So he slides and then holds the edge, slide
forward, hold the edge, slide forward, hold the edge. And one more time. Very nice. Holy ____, that’s hard man. (laughing) Holy beep! Our next on-ice balance drill is a single
leg shot. We’re gonna take it to the net, Jeff is gonna snipe here. Guys, I call this one actually Single Leg
Cheddar, because I just go Cheddar. As a left handed shot, Jeff is gonna balance
on that left skate. Snap some shots away. Kicking that leg back. Ahh! (laughing) Chest was staying up, shoulder and top hand
were out, and he was just sniping away. Pretty good work there. If you’re having trouble doing it on your
own, grab a partner and he can hold your holder. And let you just snipe. There you go. Cheddar!!! (laughing) If you guys liked the video… Woh!! Coach, I got this. If you like it, subscribe
to it, watch more, keep going boys. I taught ’em well. Today, we’re in the gym working on your balance
so we have no ankle benders out there.

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