Wednesday’s Vermont playoffs highlights

August 29, 2019

they win the classy championship — class C championship. Girls soccer, six seated MMU hosting the FA — BFA ST. ALBANS. jeNNA MCCRACKEN THRU BALL THROUGH TRAFFIC. MCKENNA REMILLARD CAN’T QUITE GET THER The save was made. Second half — still scoreless COUGAR FREE KICK. , MACEY WISSELL COMES OUT OF NOWHERE. TAPS IT BETWEEN THE POSTS. MMU TAKES LEAD This game goes into overtime and eventually penalty kicks. In the penalties — tired — TIED 3-3. URSULA MORAN MAKES THE HUGE SAVE. She shoots, it is the game-winner. MMU SURVIVES AND ADVANCES IN PENALTY KICKS. 5-4 . D-1 FIELD HOCKEY. The 8-9 MATCHUP. MMU hosting the Burlington seahorses. 2-0 COUGARS. Second half, SEAHORSES TRYING TO COME BACK. Golden opportunity for BARBARA PALASITS CAN’T GET A STICK ON IT. Later, cougars with the corner. Perry will it — PERRY WILLETT. FANCY STICKHANDLING. FINDS ROSE CLAYTON. WHO PUTS IT IN THE CAGE. 3-0, the cougars. And if later WILLETT AGAIN

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