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Whats inside a Metal Core Golf Ball?

October 10, 2019

– It’s metal. – The world’s first,
(dramatic music) hollow core golf ball.
– Is it really hollow? – This ball is making a lot of claims. (logo chimes) (hip-hop music) – Do you see that golf ball?
(traffic in background) It is hollow in the middle. It’s metal.
– I see it. – This is not sponsored. This is the world’s only
hollow metal core golf ball. That is super weird. I’ve never seen a golf ball
that has metal inside of it. And it conforms with USGA PGA rules. So that’s cool. We saw this, somebody
recommended that we cut it open to see if there really is metal inside. We decided to go to the golf lab and get this thing tested out. – Where I did my golf lessons. – That is where Lincoln
does his golf lessons. We’re gonna hit this
compared to other golf balls, see how good it is or see how bad it is, and then we will cut it open and see is there really metal inside. So I want to know, how good is it really? We’ll test it at the
golf lab, and then, yeah, I’m gonna take over, so… – [Lincoln] Whoa! – Here is the ball, OnCore’s, oh! Dropped it.
(drops box) Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. This ball is making a lot of claims. Increased distance, in-flight accuracy, enhanced rifle spin. (swings golf club multiple times) Oh, that hurts my ears. – Yeah.
(Host laughs) – Did you hear that? – That is-
– Is that the metal one? – Yeah. – [Host] Is there a dent
in your driver here? – No, it’s fine. (hip-hop music)
– 301 yards. – Wow, 301 yards. Not as far as the Pro V One, but it definitely sounds louder. So we’ve hit this many
times, and I don’t know. Initial impressions Corey? – It was different, that’s for sure. – [Host] It feels different (laughs). – You can tell it’s hollow inside. It just sounds hollow. – [Host] Check this out. Top Golf golf ball, Pro
V1x, OnCore golf ball. – [Corey] The ball speed is nice and high, but the launch is kind of low. And there’s a lot
– Well, that’s really- – [Corey] more spin than the Pro V1x. – Look how much more spin that is! And the distance, 184, 175, 179, so not that much difference, but… I was kind of surprised.
(dance music) I thought that it was gonna be similar to some of the other cheaper
balls that we’ve tested that have done really, really poorly. So it’s basically hit about
the same distance as a Pro V1x. Is this ball a good ball? I don’t know yet, like, I would
love to try it on a course and see how the miss hits go. So now, let’s go cut it open, see if we can find that metal core. This will be interesting. (upbeat music)
We are back at home. We have the golf ball right here. This is the hollow
– It’s a golf ball. core golf ball, the world’s first hollow core ball.
– Is it really hollow though? – It’s gotta be hollow, and
there’s gotta be metal inside. (country music) After doing all the
testing with the golf pro in the golf lab, with your driver, you’re not gonna tell
much of a difference. This ball hit pretty well. With your irons, this ball
had a crazy amount of spin. – Yup. – If you like that kind
of thing, that’s good. But it also had some variability
when it went left or right. And then also with putting,
it felt a lot different. If you golf a lot, I’m not sure that you would like this ball,
unless you really, really practice with it and tried it. We took it to the golf
course today and tried it, and it did have a ton of spin. It was a lot different. Like, I looked like a pro
when I was spinning it. So, let’s cut into this
thing, see what’s inside. See if we can cut it just
like the beautiful picture that shows half of the golf ball. – Or you could just slice it. – I can’t slice it with a hatchet. ‘Cause it has metal. (dramatic music) (tool whirls) – [Host] Found the metal baby! We have cut around, and
we’ve hit some metal on the inside of it. Kind of see through it. I’m gonna turn the ball around
and start from this side. – Look how close we are! – [Host] Just like this! – [Lincoln] Why don’t you
hit it with the hatchet? – I just missed it, I just
missed my spot a little bit. (hits ball on table) – [Lincoln] You’re close on that. (dramatic music) – Shoot, got my hand. (hits ball on board) – [Lincoln] Yup you got it! – Think I almost got it!
(sets tool on counter) – Oh, I saw metal inside. – Is there a metal core inside
– I saw metal. – of the metal golf ball. I really need to cut it a little bit more. (hits ball on board) Ay!
(sets tool on table) – [Lincoln] It’s all metal! (blows on golf ball) – Oddly enough, we do have
a metal core golf ball. – [Lincoln] It’s completely hollow, more than I thought it would be. – It’s a good size of the ball! It’s a good portion of it. Sometimes you cut into things,
like the low kyber slit, and we don’t find any water. (upbeat music)
– Is there water in there? – There’s not one drop of water in there! And sometimes we cut
(dramatic music) into things that claim
they have a metal golf ball inside of it, and they actually do. What’s inside a golf ball, which was one of our very first videos we did, what’s inside 2016 top golf balls, (Lincoln screams) We did what’s inside of
an exploding golf ball, what’s inside
(Lincoln mimics explosion) a farting golf ball. Now we’ve done what’s
inside of a golf ball, I don’t even know the title
of this video’s gonna be. – It’s gonna be OnCore or metal golf ball, metal hollow inside golf ball,
– What’s inside the world’s first
– Something like that. – metal core golf ball. – It’s metal. – Something like that? I don’t know. Would you use this golf ball
(upbeat music) on a golf course, the OnCore? – Maybe. – Maybe?
– Maybe. – Maybe.
– Maybe. – Maybe. It does hit far. Your drives would go further. You just have to learn
how to control the spin. I don’t think a lot of
professional golfers are gonna be rushing to
the stores to get this, but I would be curious to
know if any of them do use it. Kinda fun, kinda fun. It’s September right now. Get out there and golf. Good job to OnCore.
– OnCore. (both applaud) – I encore you.
(Lincoln cheers) Not sure if it’s
(drops golf ball) the best ball ever for golfing. – I didn’t understand that joke. – Do you know what encore means? – No. (Lincoln mumbles)
– Encore (claps). (Lincoln screams and claps) – Okay. Know why you wear safety glasses? (tosses golf ball) – Whoa. – ‘Cause, I don’t want to hurt you eye. – Yeah! It’s metal.


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