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What’s inside World’s First Self Lacing Basketball Shoes?

September 8, 2019

– [Lincoln] Is that… – [Daniel] Tighten it. – [Lincoln] Work? – [Daniel] And boom. – [Lincoln] No way. (lively music) – We got em, they are here. You know these shoes aren’t gonna come out and we’re not gonna
review em and see what’s inside of them. These are the second
ideration of the EARL shoes, which are electro adaptive
reactive lacing, right? – It looks like a little
face like on the back. – Technically these are called. – Oh, there’s one on the front too. – Yeah, little faces? – Technically these are the Nike Adapt BB, BB mean basketball so these are ones during the NBA All Star game, they were out this last week and they are an actual proper basketball shoe, people were wearing em at the games. They look really cool and you know that we took apart the last self lacing shoes that came out and they
were pretty interesting. We’ve seen some pictures put out by Nike that show what the laces might look like with all the material off of them and we thought let’s get these shoes, test them out and take them apart, see what’s inside of them. What does the motor look like? What do the laces look like? – Yeah, I wanna see
these basketball shoes. – K, let’s do it, let’s unbox them. I think you just pull out the sides. Okay? – Huh, that’s different. – That is fancy packaging. Oh. – Whoa, I love the
little tongue right here, that’s cool. – [Announcer] Lincoln approved. – They kinda look like socks. See that? – You don’t see an actual
lace on the outside, which is a different
look but I like the look. – [Announcer] Dan approved. – On the sides we’ve got
little plastic that comes off on the back you’ve got that to. Oh, nice. Inside of it is the weirdest little insert I’ve ever seen in a shoe but it does look cool on
the inside with the R on it. – Whoa, the rainbow stuff. Why does it have a seven
on it, do you know? – A seven? It’s L for left foot. – Oh, that’s helpful,
that’s really helpful. – Yeah ’cause the right
and left like who has time to remember which
foot is right and left, right Lincoln? – I know, why would you? Oh, oh. It’s really tight. Whoa, whoa. – [Daniel] Tight good, tight bad. – Ah, ah. I’m gonna lose the blood in my
foot if I keep it like that. – [Daniel] Alright you got both of em on. – Yep, right here on this shoe, it hurts. – [Daniel] Right on the side? Is it ’cause you have wide
feet, do you have wide feet? – No. – [Daniel] I don’t think
you have wide feet. – No I don’t, I don’t
have wide feet all all. – [Daniel] It just hurts, okay. – Yeah. – [Daniel] I feel we
should try these out on the basketball court just
to see how they grip. Do you have a basketball? – I think so, yeah. – [Daniel] K, let’s go. (lively music) Come across the middle of
the paint dribbling the ball and then hurry and cut and turnover, just like Zion Williams and see if you come out of your shoe, see if they rip. – Got it. – [Daniel] Go. Oh, they don’t rip like the,
like the what are they called, Paul George’s, they’re already
better than Paul George’s. Your feet don’t come out of it. – It’s good, they hurt when
I do that really bad but. – If you don’t know
what I’m talking about, it was crazy just yesterday at least while we’re filming this, Zion Williamson, biggest college basketball game in years, biggest player, he cut and his whole foot with the sock came out of the shoe, it was insane, I’ve never
seen anything like it. I’m sure it was an isolated incident, Nike is saying that
they’re investigating it but they’ve never heard
of that happening before with another Nike, kinda crazy. (lively music) So Lincoln has been shooting with them and they’ve been hurting
his feet on the outside of both of the pairs, I
haven’t seen in the few videos that I’ve watched
that that’s an issue so he wants me to try em on and see, we both have size 11 now so
that works, I’ll try em on. That’s cool, that is cool. That feels really good. No, that feels great. I feel like I can jump
higher, just kidding. – [Lincoln] Wait, does it not hurt you? – No. (laughing) Made it, first try. No, they feel good, they
don’t hurt me at all. Lincoln says that they hurt him but. – That is so weird. Like my feet still hurt. – I can see where you’re talking about, I can feel a little bit
of tightness right there but it no, it doesn’t
really hurt me that bad. So far I’m a believer,
they don’t feel super heavy on my feet and I made it
every time I’ve worn them. I haven’t missed since I tried em on. Two shots, I’m gonna stop now so that I’m hundred percent, shooting percentage while wearing the Nike Adapt BB, they are a little tight right there, I see what you’re
talking about in the toe, yeah, it kinda pinches
your foot a little bit. (lively music) If I were to get these
shoes, I don’t know that I’d play basketball with them. I’d probably just wear
em around ’cause I think they look pretty good
with just regular clothes. Other things that come in the box, there’s this plastic bag here that has charging cable so you can charge this pad right here so it’s just a USBC, kinda like a Apple computer
or like most cell phones, except for Apples and then
you can just plug it in, get her charged. Probably leave it plugged in all the time and then you come home
and you can just like set your shoes on there. That’s the charging pad. We might have to see what’s
inside the charging pad also. I wonder if you can charge
a cell phone off of this. – I’m gonna beat you. (gasping) We’re keeping this. – Hold on, let’s see. – Dual phone charger.
– Look at that. – Dual phone charger, right there. – [Daniel] Look at that. – [Lincoln] Could you do triple? – It is charging two at the same time. Okay so hers is charging. Now hold on, let’s do,
it’s still charging. – Still charging, yeah. – Still says it’s charging. – Whoa, we do four? – Three phones. – Three. – Three phones are charging
at once, check it out. Why are two phones have
both pictures of the dog, that’s weird. – [Lincoln] Because the dog’s cute. – If the shoes don’t work
out so well for you then. – You got a wireless phone
charger that can charge a lot of phones. – Let’s take a look inside of the motor, see what it looks like, how it works and if we fail on this one,
we’ve got a second one here that we can take apart. – Let’s hope we can just do one because I wanna keep this one. – Let’s do it. So I started out pretty
easily with the outer layer sock and it didn’t take
much and we can already see. – [Lincoln] Oh that’s cool. – Some of the lacing inside of there. – [Lincoln] Wait, what does this say? Oh is that like, oh that’s the tongue. – So this is, this is the tongue. – [Lincoln] Okay. – Yeah so the tongue is
just attached right here, we can actually cut that off right there. – Alright, there goes the tongue. – Now let’s see if it still works here, let’s tighten it up. Look at that. – Oh, that looks so cool. – Let’s tighten it up some more. See how tight that is? – Feel it, put your hand in there. – Oh my gosh, it’s like concrete. These strings are so incredibly tight. The inside of it where the motor is, there’s Velcro underneath it. – That’s smart. – Still opening it up. All Velcro, there’s the Velcro on the side that came out and there’s also Velcro on the other side that, it’s
a little criss cross action and it exposes the motor down in there. This shoe will still work like this but we need to see more of it. – Yeah. – We need to be able to
see the motor clearly and show you the motor clearly. The back of the heel is off. Now we’ve got this giant
toe that is wide open and exposed, leaving
the cable right there, I could probably get a little bit closer but I really don’t
wanna damage that cable. We started from here with this guy and now we are here with this guy. – [Lincoln] That looks so cool. – I cut everything off that
I thought I could cut off so we’ve got it like this
with a little open mouth. – [Lincoln] It’s like a little crocodile. – Let’s see if it’ll still
work. Will it still tighten? Oh there she goes. – [Lincoln] That is cool. I can’t believe it still works. – Yeah. In 2018, they did surgery on a grape, in 2019, they did surgery on a shoe. – Pretty grape. – Velcro top. Velcro bottom. So here’s what it looks like close up, we took out the Velcro off the sides and then you have a
little piece of foam here. How can we get that motor out of here? There’s got to be a way. – [Lincoln] Whoa you can
see it spinning in there, that’s cool. – Okay, how do we get into the motor. It does look like right
here and right here there’s like two little hinges. I wonder if I can just, ope. Broke off the tip of the knife. I’ve scraped off this area, this foam that was on top of here and
it doesn’t look like it’s anything super, super critical as far as the exterior of it goes. – [Lincoln] Yeah, just foam. – Ah! (laughing) Remember, we cut stuff open and take stuff apart so you don’t have to. – Yeah. – Don’t try this at home,
taking apart your own shoes, there is still a battery
in here that is charged that if we puncture it the wrong way, it could catch on fire. We are trained, we are
not trained professionals. Whoa. – Whoa!
– Okay. – That’s so cool. Oh, that’s so cool. – This is the cover over
the little circular part where the little ropes spin. We are going to push the
button and watch this spin, watch this tighten. (crickets chirping) Please work. Oh shoot, the buttons are no
longer on the side anymore because the buttons are
really attached to this. – No way! – Right there. So these two buttons right here are the only two things that make it go so we need to, I don’t know
if it’ll work with fingers. Agh! I feel like we should
be able to take this out of the shoe and have it still function. Oh. – It just fell out. – It is totally out right now. Check it out. You can see the motor turning. When you push the button on the side, it turns that motor and should tighten up or loosen. – That’s so cool. Well how do we charge it? We charge it? – That is a good question. Here’s our little box, does
it charge, I can’t see, ah, I see some light. – No, yeah, that’s the orange,
that’s the orange stuff, it charges. This is pretty much the shoe, right here, like this is what you need,
this is how it tightens by itself is that little
wire and this box. That’s it. – Okay, so if you have
this problem where it comes undone, all you really need to do is wrap it back around there. – Does that work?
– Tighten it. And boom. – [Lincoln] No way. We actually like fixed it, you know? That’s pretty cool. – It’s all back and you
can put it back into place, charge it, wireless charging. One of the coolest Nike
basketball shoes I’ve seen, I think they’re very cool.
– Oh yeah, yeah I love them. It’s just that that one
little pressure point, that was the only thing that I’m like, if that wasn’t there,
I wanna use these shoes for basketball like right now. – Yeah and not every
shoe fits every person. That’s something specific to Lincoln but the technology is cool. This is not very heavy, it’s super light. Let us know what you think. Would you buy these for 350 dollars? – They’re 350 dollars? – 350. Would you wear them in basketball, what are your thoughts? Or do you like being able to just tie your shoelace and save 150 bucks? 200 dollars? (laughing) – That sounds so lazy, you know? – Yeah, who wants to tie their own shoes? It is cool. For the cool factor, the tech factor, coolest tech we’ve seen inside of shoes. I hope they work, I hope
people start to use em and I hope they don’t blow
out like Zion’s shoe did. So this box I really wanna
know how it works inside, I’m charging it while
it’s just sitting here, it still charges, so cool. So I’ve decided I’m gonna
send this to our friend Zach from Jerry Rig Everything. I think he’s going to take it
apart for an Instagram video. So follow us on Instagram,
we’re gonna take this to our friend, Zach from
Jerry Rig Everything and see if he can carefully take apart this part of the box. Stay tuned for more. Follow us on Instagram and we’ll show ya. (playful music) – Argh. Argh. (sneezing)


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