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Why I love the Maple Leafs | Never Waste a Moment | #NWAM Episode 8

August 25, 2019

why I love the Toronto Maple Leafs well there’s many reasons I was six years old when they won the Stanley Cup in 1967 and I was too young to really understand what it meant but as I grew up I met a lot of the players who were on the team got autographs and that was always he became my team the team and I played a lot of hockey but I well it was my local team the Toronto Maple Leafs and as I grew older I went to several games but the very first game I was with my father and we sat up and what was called the nose bleeds you know the greys in the old Maple Leaf Garden way up top and my dad he bought me a hockey stick and I still got it and it was really cheap wood stick but it had Pete Stemkowski picture stapled on it far from the mass-produced souvenirs you buy today and just remembering going with my father there – the first time is something I’ll never forget and as we get older it sort of became a love-hate relationship because man these guys are terrible but there was glimmers of hope the Harold Ballard days one of my favorite players was always Wendell the farm boy from I think it was Kelvington Saskatchewan you know and funny enough his son ended up going to school with my son but watching them grow and the years that they had Gilmore and they were really making an impact we were watching the game between Toronto and Los Angeles the last time they were in semifinals for the going to the Stanley Cup if they had won it would have been Toronto Montreal Stanley Cup final we’re at the cottage we had two black-and-white TVs and two shotguns and we said if they lost we were going to blow these TVs with shotguns and the most incredible thing happened in that game Wayne Gretzky who was on LA high sticked Dougie Gilmore and was a question though where you going to throw the number one player in the world out and they didn’t Toronto went on to lose and the TVs both got blown away to the great recycling scrap pile in the sky and as I followed the Leafs there’s been moments of glimmer and moments of heartbreak and moments of band wagon jumping on and off and well who really gives a #@%* anymore this is not going anywhere but then there was a chance and there was a rebuilding and I do remember Brendan Shanahan GM I remember refereeing his brother in a men’s league I never forgot him because he was the only guy I’ve ever refereed in my life who wore a football helmet to play hockey left a dent in my brain with that guy anyway as the team’s going they’re now rebuilding and they’ve got these young kid and what is so truly exciting about this is these young kids don’t know any better hey they’re at the big show there is a dance they’re having fun they don’t even realize the excitement they’re creating with third fourth generation fans out there the fact that Toronto made the playoffs this year is good as saying we won the Stanley Cup because we’ve been seriously starved as Maple Leaf fans what does the future look like well I talked about it earlier with my good friend Gair with no hair he said it’s like I think it is the 1981 Edmonton Oilers raw talent and power in you and I agree with Gair this team is going to be a real force to reckon with in the future I’m Bruce Buchan number one Maple Leaf fan and always planning the parade encouraging you to Never Waste a Moment

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